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Find out how anatotherapy can benefit you


What It Is & How It Works

Take a few moments to watch this video explaining my therapeutic approach and how it can benefit you.



Anatotherapy is a therapeutic approach combining manual therapy and vibrational frequencies. It dissolves deep muscular tensions.

My clients have told me that anatotherapy has allowed them to experience the following:

  • Reduction of pain

  • Optimization of blood circulation: better oxygenation and elimination of toxins

  • Improved articular range of motion

  • Reduced risk, frequency and severity of injuries

  • Improved quality and duration of recovery after training or injury

  • Feel better prepared before a competition


Health Assessment

and session:   $200


2 hour session  $200

1.5 hour session  $170
1 hour session  $125

Special rate for athlete students


Anatobalayage is a massage technique combining manual therapy and vibrational frequencies for deep relaxation.

It does not dissolve muscular tensions.

Equivalent to receiving 4 hours of massage in a one-hour session to:

  • Promote muscular and psychic relaxation

  • Optimize blood flow and lymphatic circulation

  • Harmonize and calm the nervous system

  • Achieve a state of well-being and deep relaxation


1 hour $100

2 hours $180

Gift Certificates

To send a gift certificate to a loved one, please send me the following information via the contact form below:

  • Full name of recipient

  • Recipient email address

  • Package choice:​​

  1. Anatobalayage:

    1.5 hours: $150; 45 minutes: $90

  2. Anatotherapy Discovery Package:

    1st session (health assessment + session) 1.5 hours: 170$

  3. Anatotherapy Follow-up:

    2 hours ($200), 1.5 hours ($170), 1 hour ($125)

and I am the founder of Anato Campeau. I specialize in care for athletes and people with chronic pain. I am a certified anatotherapist and a member in good standing of the Association Québécoise des Thérapeutes Naturels (AQTN).


Since childhood, I have been passionate about the functioning of the human body in the context of sports practice.

I have practiced several myself, from classical and modern dancing to martial arts, through outdoor sports and badminton.

I first completed a double DEC in CEGEP in Dance and Social Studies; I then started the College of Osteopathic Studies of Montreal's program, renowned worldwide for its rigorous scientific approach.


Following a concussion in 2018, I discovered anatotherapy. This approach quickly helped eliminate the residual symptoms I still experienced despite a year of rehabilitation.

It convinced me to register at the International Institute of Anatotherapy of St-Hyacinthe, where I obtained my professional certification. After graduating, I worked with Ms. Noëlla Potvin, who developed the technique and is an experienced clinician.


The applied knowledge and clinical practices acquired over the years shape my vision of anatomy, movement and health to this day. They allow me to make connections between the different systems of the human body which, at first sight, are not connected.


Since 2021, I have become a pioneer in sports anatotherapy, working with professional and high-level athletes.

It is the achievement of a long-standing dream to combine holistic medicine and sports. My greatest joy: working on the key elements that affect the performance of athletes or the quality of life of people struggling with pain so they can achieve their life goals.


Looking forward to supporting you in your well-being,


Lauriane Campeau-Vallee


My name is Lauriane Campeau-Vallée

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  • Can I have an insurance receipt?
    As a member in good standing of the Association des Thérapeutes Naturels du Québec (AQTN), I issue massage therapy insurance receipts. My membership number is M21058. For transparency, please note that only the AFBS insurance company does not accept AQTN massage therapy insurance receipts in Quebec.
  • What is the difference between anatotherapy and anatobalayage?
    Anatotherapy is a therapeutic technique that dissolves deep muscular tensions to reduce pain while optimizing blood circulation and range of motion. Anatobalayage is a massage technique for deep relaxation that does not undo muscular tensions.
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  • I do not feel pain, could anatotherapy still benefit me?
    Yes! We are born with muscular congestion. These build up over time and cause damage even when you don't feel pain. The vessels are compressed, impairing blood circulation. Therefore, less oxygen and essential elements reach the cells, and fewer toxins exit the body properly. This combination of oxygen deprivation and accumulation of toxins creates, over the years, fertile ground for the expression of a multitude of conditions or diseases. Anatotherapy releases everything that passes through the muscle and thus benefits people who suffer from pain and those who do not.
  • I can't go to the clinic; can you come to my area?
    Yes. When there is a reservation of 4 hours of consecutive sessions or more, I can travel at no additional cost up to a 2-hour drive from Montreal or approximately 150 km. On-demand, and based on my availability, I could also travel further. To place a request, access the Contact Form.
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I have pain in my hand and back, which harms me as a landscaper. At the first session, Lauriane helped me to become more aware of my physical condition. The treatment and the discussion were pleasant, but I did not notice any improvement. By the second session, the hand pain moved to the surface. By the third session, the pain moved even further to one extremity. Afterwards, Lauriane also worked on the shoulder. I felt more flexible than usual. My pain is not gone yet, but I can't wait to receive the following treatments to see if the improvements continue!
Eric Deschênes

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